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Here is our collection of links to our colleagues, contributors, and others you might like to check out

The world of independent comics is full of fun and interesting people. I know that sounds cliched; but it's true. All of the artists and writers that we've had the pleasure of working with deserve more recognition than they have. We're sure that the recognition will come, and when it does; we want to be able to say "we knew them when". So, check 'em out and you'll be able to say the same one day!

Our Collaborators

  • Mark Jameson
  • Mark was the first person to reply to our first call for artists...and he's awesome. Check out his blog.

  • Joe Sergi
  • Joe has written two stories for our anthology series "From Here to There". He's got more stories to tell than you can shake a stick at. And that's a lot.

  • Azurek Studios
  • Azurek Studios's Stefano Cardoselli and Rita Gorgoni have drawn several stories for us in our From Here to There anthology as well as being the creative team behind the comic "Pieces".

  • Christopher Barker
  • Chris wrote a story for the zero issue of From Here to There. He's also a colorist. Or "colourist" as he insists on spelling it.

    Our Friends

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    Print on Demand

    Action Lab comics

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