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Pigeon Toe and Clubfoot
From Here To There
From Here to There Logo Action. Adventure. Mystery.

Warren Ellis talks about "Widescreen Comics". Big epic tales with huge action. Others call it "Decompression", where a story is told over many pages with each panel showing only a brief moment in time. Well, "From Here to There" is neither of those. Welcome to small screen comics. The writers and artists are given two rules. The whole story is only 8 pages long and it has to involve some mode of transportation. Other than that, anything goes.

Fans of the Twilight Zone or Will Eisner's The Spirit or EC comics should enjoy this return to genre-spanning short stories in comics.

From Here to There Issue 0
Cover to From Here to There Zero Issue

This was the first comic that Resolution published. In a total rookie move, we forgot to put an issue number on the cover. So we here at Resolution refer to this as the "zero issue".

Featuring stories and art from the two founders of Resolution Comics, as well as the tiptop talent of: Joe Sergi, Stefano Cardoselli, Marc Jameson, Gerry Fernandez, and Christopher Barker.

32 pages. Black & White with a color cover. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

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Boat Hitchiking Train Plane
From Here to There Issue 0
Cover to From Here to There Issue 1

Another dose of short story goodness. Four stories, eight pages each (that's 32 pages, you know!), that are set on different modes of transportation. This one's got it all! Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western, and a War story.

The excellent cover was drawn and colored by Gerry Fernandez. Gerry also handles art duty on the Sci-Fi story "Murder on The Orion Express", written by Mike Banner. The cover represents the Western story "Blood Trails" that was written by Alex De-Gruchy and drawn by Rita Gorgoni. Niall Presnall wrote a classic war story (with a twist, of course) for this issue, called Going Nowhere, which was drawn by Andy Iommi. The historical mystery story "Murder on the Hindenburg" (that's right, two murder stories in this issue - and we don't even charge you extra!) was written by Jesse Steinchen and drawn by Jeff Mclachlan. Jesse is Brian's roommate, and has had to put up with all kinds of tomfoolery by the two of us when we get together and talk comics.

32 pages. Black & White with a color cover.

Parachute Spaceship Horse zeppelin back to top
From Here to There Issue 0
Cover to From Here to There Issue 2

Is there really such a thing as too much of a good thing? You tell me after you've read this issue of From Here to There. Here it is! Another issue of exciting, mind blowing, fantabulous stories from our Eisner award wining (we can dream, can't we?) series. This issue brings back some of From Here to There's greatest talent, with a healthy dose of some new blood. You know the drill by now... Four stories, eight pages each, with each story set on a different mode of transportation - hence the title of the series. Ain't we clever? Now, I know that no one is reading this just to hear me ramble on, so I'll get straight to the point. Or will I?

This issue has got awesomeness pouring out of its pages. We've got a ghost story, written by FH2T veteran Joe Sergi (Economy of Scale, the zero issue), that will give you chills. It's aptly called "The Haunted Rickshaw", and was drawn by Santiago Espina. There's also a story that takes place on a river rafting trip. What? Rafting's not exciting enough for you? Wait until you see what's waiting for the rafters. This story, "Dark Spot on the Water", was written by Ross May, and drawn by another blast from the past, Marc Jameson (the artist for Economy of Scale). Next up is a retro Sci-Fi story called "Beyond the Ether, Into the Electric Cosmos". Think 50's futuristic. It was written by Dave Doub, and the art duties were performed by another FH2T alumni, Resolution Comics very own Scott Bradley (Missing Millionaire, the zero issue). And finally...I'm not quite sure what genre to put this story in. War? Horror? The horror of war? You can decide after you read it. It's called "The Tommy Cooker", and was written by Joe Sarnicola, with artwork by Gerry Fernandez. Gerry has done artwork for every single issue of FH2T, including the covers for #1 and #2. I told you we had an All-Star cast for this issue.

32 pages. Black & white, with a color cover.

Rickshaw Canoe Spaceship Tank
Stefano Cardoselli's Pieces
Cover to Stefano Cardoselli's Pieces

I love the smell of blood...mixed with that of donuts..." - This is the thought process of a serial killer. The Maniac is attempting to complete his masterpiece. All he needs to do is collect all the right pieces. An arm here, a leg there...well, you get the idea. It's up to Inspector Travis Jameson and his partner Greta (with a little help from Detective Oratio Contrera) to stop this madman. Unfortunately, The Maniac already has his sights set on Travis.

This two issue comic was conceived from the creative minds of Azurek Studios, with artwork by Stefano Cardoselli and written by Rita Gorgoni. Both Rita and Stefano have worked with us before, on different From Here to There issues, and let me tell you...the only thing that tops their talent is the fact that they are super awesome to work with. Irene Langholm did an absolutely brilliant cover.

24 pages - black and white, plus bonus material.

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From Here to There Issue 0
Cover to The Layfield Incident

Have you ever noticed how the best zombie stories are less horror and more drama? Well, I have. Not so say that some good, old fashioned zombie carnage doesn't have it's place. It definitely does. Welcome to the world of The Layfield Incident. Roy and Rachel were a typical middle class American couple...until the incident. The Layfield Incident gives you a look at how regular people would honestly deal with a zombie outbreak. It isn't nice, it isn't pretty, but it's not supposed to be.

24 pages in full fledged color. That's right, I said color! The Layfield Incident kicks off the first color comic for Resolution Comics. Written by Resolution Comics co-founder Brian Carr. Artwork by Marc Jameson, who has been working with us on various projects since our very first comic. If you haven't seen Marc's work yet, let me tell you, you are missing out. Irene Langholm did an absolutely amazing cover for this book, using photo-manipulation. Trust me, once you see the cover, you'll be hooked.

Oh yeah...Every character in this book is named after the characters and creators of one book/movie. Have some fun figuring out the source of those names.

24 pages. All Color! That's right.