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The Story of Resolution Comics

Hi Everyone!

This is the third version of our little space on the mighty interweb. Hopefully you like it.
Here's a little bit about us...

photo of Scott and Brian

That's us...Brian and Scott. We took a whole lot of photos to come up with that one. We couldn't keep "serious faces" going for very long.

Before forming an indie comic book publishing company, Brian Carr and Scott Bradley were already good friends and collaborators. The two played together in several bands over the years; writing, recording and performing. In between shows and rehearsals, they would often discuss comic books. After a while, it seemed natural that they would take their experiences from playing in bands and their love of comics and somehow blend them. The result was the birth of Resolution Comics

After publishing a few issues of their anthology series, "From Here to There", as well as "Pieces" by the estimable Stefano Cardoselli; the Resolution guys have moved their focus to more personal projects. So far, this has resulted in The Layfield Incident and the ongoing webcomic "Pigeon Toe & Clubfoot"

Please take a look around and check out the comics we have created for you so far and the info on the ones that we're working on now.